My Recent Scams

More accurately: Recent Scams I’ve Encountered

Other than the usual social media scams which I see people falling for on a daily basis, I decided to list the scams which have been tried on me.

Barclays Bank Scam

I would like to point out that this is a scam from someone purporting to be from Barclays Bank, it is not actually in any way associated with them. Barclays Bank are a perfectly legitimate banking organisation.

Yesterday (21st July 2020) I awoke to find a text message on my phone. It was from telephone number +447507344994 (07507344994). It claimed to be from Barclays Bank. It read:

BARCLAYS: We would like to verify a payment from your account. Please follow our link for more details:

This is clearly a scam. You can tell because:

  • I do not bank with Barclays
  • The phone number is a standard UK mobile number which would not be used by a banking organisation
  • A bank would never send a link for you to visit in relation to an issue with your account via text message

If you receive a message like this please delete it. Do not reply or click on the link. If you bank with the organisation who is allegedly contacting you get in touch with them and report it so that they can check it out. As always, NEVER give your banking details to anyone unless you are 100% certain of whom you’re dealing with!

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