I decided to start this page to list the scams that I become aware of. I do so in the hope that it might help to prevent people from being caught out by the vile, devious people who carry out the evil act of ripping people off. If even one person sees it, takes notice and manages to not get scammed because of it then I shall be a happy bunny.

There are many types of scam, some very complex and others not so. Some seem quite benign, some are quite nefarious. In either case, knowing the signs is half the battle.

On a daily basis most people will encounter social media “Like and Share” scams, phishing and/or telephone scams in various guises. They usually promise you something for nothing (or very little outlay), offer to help you out of a tricky situation or give you some hope of a better life.

Further Research – A Recommendation

I would like to recommend the YouTube channel of Kitboga to those who are looking to find about the many telephone scams which are happening out there. He phones these scammers and takes calls from them in order to expose them and waste their time. He’s brilliant at it and really funny! Along with his various personas, he does a fantastic job of letting people know what these shysters are doing. You really should check him out. Like NOW!

In his videos, you’ll see him expose the Microsoft Tech Support scam and its variants, the IRS scams, Amazon Prime scams and many more. (Please note that none of these scams actually have anything to do with the companies they claim to be associated with). Well worth watching.

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