I Know What I’m Doing Mode (Windows and Mac)

I have been both a Windows and Mac user for a long time. Actually, I’ve been a Windows, Mac and Linux user for a long time but I now only use Linux for server stuff and Mac for everything else.

One of the reasons why I stopped using Windows was the irritating, time wasting need to confirm everything. Windows added UAC and it rapidly became a pain in the neck. Constantly being asked to confirm that you want your computer to do what you just told it to do gets old very quickly.

Since I started using Mac again recently, I have noticed that it has become a thing on this platform too. I noticed it with OS X Catalina. I decided to switch back to Mojave. I did so partly because of that issue and partly because some of the games I play and applications I use are 32bit and I can’t be bothered with virtualisation at the moment. I understand why 32bit support is being dropped and although it’s inconvenient I take no issue with that.

Mac doesn’t seem to be so needy of attention but when you open an application and try to access documents in a folder for the first time using Catalina, it asks if you want to allow this. Ask the same application to access documents in another folder and you’ll need to confirm that too.

If you want to install an application from an unknown developer or downloaded from the internet, you’ll probably have to jump through a few hoops before your Mac will let you do so.

It is a pain in the backside. One of the reasons why I’ve always liked Mac OS is that it just did what it was supposed to do. It was unobtrusive and just worked. With the addition of these steps; requiring you to confirm everything, I no longer like it as much.

I understand why UAC and the Apple equivalent exist, some people need protecting from everything but I am not one of those people. I should be able to tell my computer to stop bugging me with such things and allow me to get on with my work. If I mess it up then I will fix it and learn from my mistake (the way I always have).

I would strongly urge Apple, Microsoft any anyone else who is developing an operating system to implement a way to disable such annoyances. I do not want to have to keep telling my computer to do what I have just told it to do. I have better things to do with my time.

Author: geekbrigade
Loves technology and spends (too much) free time watching videos on YouTube. Mostly uses Mac since Windows 10 became a thing but was always a mac fan since high school. Prefers Linux as a PC operating system.

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