Windows 10? No Thanks!

Ever since its release I have tried so hard to like Windows 10, it has not worked. There are several reasons and will explain them here.

Just to give you a little background:

  • The first computer I used was a ZX Spectrum
  • The first computer I owned was an Amstrad 464 Plus
  • The first PC I used ran MS-DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.0
  • The first Mac I used was a Mac Plus
  • I have used all released versions of Windows from 3.0 up to and including 10
  • I have used all released Mac operating systems from System 6 up to and including OS X Catalina
  • I have used Linux as a desktop operating system and to run many servers.
  • I have a BS.c in Information Technology
  • I am not a novice!

I had to become familiar with Windows 10 from the beginning because at that time I was a PC repair technician. Many of my clients decided to adopt the operating system which I now regard with suspicion and disdain very quickly after its release. The organisation I worked for also started selling PCs with Windows 10 at the same time.

Despite learning how to work with and troubleshoot Windows 10, I could never get used to it. I found the dual locations for changing things (Settings and Control Panel) to be clunky and unnecessary. In my opinion Microsoft should have stuck with Control Panel, people knew it and there was no real need to change it.

Cortana makes me suspicious and I found it to be rather useless, see the telemetry portion of this rant below for more details.

Then there was the start menu. They took the bit of Windows 8 and 8.1 which most people disliked and decided to add it to Windows 10, albeit modified to provide a slightly better experience by adding the programs list from the start menu of older versions of Windows … well, kind of but they still made it bad. I never liked the Metro interface – making it less obtrusive isn’t removing it.

Next up we have telemetry; the process of collecting information. I can understand the collection of certain information for the purpose of product improvement and troubleshooting but Windows 10 takes this to extremes. Via Windows 10 Microsoft collects information on who knows what (they don’t seem to want to tell us) and they make it extremely difficult to disable. During installation you can minimise the amount of information collected but not disable it. After installation, depending on your setup, you either have to use group policy or registry editing techniques to disable telemetry and even then there are so many things you have to disable in order to prevent the insane amount of monitoring from happening.

I would like to point out that whilst I value my privacy I am not obsessive; I understand that one can’t really live in a digital age and use technology without some amount of snooping but it’s a bit ridiculous in the case of Windows 10.

The thing I really dislike about Windows 10 though is the fact that after every version update that I installed came so many problems. My clients and I came to dread feature updates. Don’t get me wrong they were great for making money but I hated the fact that my clients (many of whom ran their own businesses) suffered so much downtime because Microsoft “fixed”something. The issues went from the start menu not opening via applications not running right up to a black screen on boot.

I tried running Windows 10 on several of my own PCs but found that even the most recent versions of Windows 10 were nightmarish. I installed a version and it seemed to run fairly well but once again as soon as an update was performed I started having problems. Wifi would drop, my SD card would intermittently disconnect, the metro interface would not propagate with the bloatware Microsoft forced upon us after installation and so on.

It was at that point that I decided to switch back to Mac. I have never had anywhere near the amount of issues with a Mac as I had with Windows 10. If I ever find myself having to use my PCs for anything then Linux will be my operating system of choice.

In my opinion, Microsoft made a big mistake putting all their eggs in a Windows 10 shaped basket. At least with their previous operating system range if you didn’t like a version you could be sure that in the somewhat near future something better would come along. As windows 10 came in, that hope went out. Sorry Microsoft but unless you ditch Windows 10 I will not be using your operating system again.

Author: geekbrigade
Loves technology and spends (too much) free time watching videos on YouTube. Mostly uses Mac since Windows 10 became a thing but was always a mac fan since high school. Prefers Linux as a PC operating system.

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