No Facecam No Subscription?

Recently, I saw a question posed on Twitter. It was asked by a gamer. She asked her followers if they would subscribe to the channel of a YouTuber or streamer (Twitch, Mixer etc.) if they would NOT use a facecam. I was very surprised at how many people said no.

I watch a lot of YouTube videos which show people gaming or working on tech projects. I try to watch streams where possible but sadly don’t have as much time to do so as I’d like. In my opinion a facecam is a nice addition but not essential to the content.

When a gamer uses a facecam they allow the audience to see their reaction to situations occurring in the game, this is sometimes a good thing and helps the audience to enjoy it a bit more but for me, I have my own reaction, I don’t desparately need to see the gamer’s reaction.

I sometimes find that a facecam is more of a distraction that anything else. I find my attention being drawn to the cam and then I can’t focus on the game being played.

There is also the issue that some content creators are very aware of the potential risk of allowing their true identity to be revealed. There are issues with bullying, stalking and much more. People on the internet can be particularly cruel; hiding behind screens makes audiences feel invincible.

This to me is a quite new issue, one of entitlement. People these days have such a ridiculous sense of entitlement. They feel that if they subscribe to a channel or stream they have the right to tell the content creator what to do. They are under the impression that as their views help the creator to earn money that they get to determine how the channel is run … WRONG! If you are unhappy with how the channel is run then I’m sure most content creators will be happy to receive CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM but not bitching.

If they do not accept your criticism and are not going to do what you like then you are perfectly at liberty to unsubscribe. You are under no obligation to stick around and watch something which makes you sad. You are not entitled to tell someone else what to do with their channel though and you are certainly not allowed to dictate whether or not someone else uses a facecam.

In short, stop being so needy, so entitled and so spoiled. If you’re not happy with something then move on to something which makes you happy.

Thanks for reading and have a great life!

Author: geekbrigade
Loves technology and spends (too much) free time watching videos on YouTube. Mostly uses Mac since Windows 10 became a thing but was always a mac fan since high school. Prefers Linux as a PC operating system.

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