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I am in the mood for reviewing YouTube channels. I am specifically interested in tech channels and some gaming.

If you would like to have your channel reviewed here, please send details to but read the following first! It is a list of things which will go in your favour if I’m reviewing your channel and will influence my decision to subscribe to your channel.

First and foremost, only use that email address for this reason! If you send me spam or ask me to buy anything I will use this site to rip you to shreds! Do not ask me to review channels which are not geeky; I do not want to see your cat videos, your holiday vlog or anything not related to my interests. As much as I enjoy wasting my time, I do not appreciate other people wasting it.

If you are loud, screechy or shouty I will not like your content. The same applies if you are unfocused and easily distracted. I like chilled out, non-hyperactive videos. I will review your content but trust me, it won’t be good!

If you create short videos with adverts at the start and end I will not like your content. I appreciate that people have to make money but the content had better be substantial enough to warrant the number of and length of adverts. Again, I will write stuff but it won’t show you in a good light.

If you are playing games with voice acting, I much prefer that subtitles be enabled for those who suffer from hearing difficulties. I myself have difficulty hearing certain frequencies and it helps to be able to scan subtitles when I miss words. I also do not want to hear you talking over games with voice acting. Save your commentary for when it is less distracting.

If you are doing commentary and part of the game involves written information, please read it in full. Not everyone reads as fast as you do and if you skip something before I’ve had a chance to read it then not only will I not watch that video, I will watch none of your videos.

If you cannot handle criticism do not contact me! I will be honest, brutally so. I will not change the content of my review because you do not like what I write. If you contact me asking me to change something when you’ve not changed what I found objectionable then I will post about your inability to accept criticism. Simple!

All that said, if you still think it sounds like a good idea then get in touch.

Author: geekbrigade
Loves technology and spends (too much) free time watching videos on YouTube. Mostly uses Mac since Windows 10 became a thing but was always a mac fan since high school. Prefers Linux as a PC operating system.

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