Mac OS X Catalina Bloatware

I would like to start out by saying that this may apply to other versions of OS X, I’m not sure.

I recently started using Catalina when I bought myself a MacBook Pro Mid 2012. I have to say that overall I’m very impressed with the OS. Prior to purchasing this computer, my most recent experience with OS X was using El Capitan. I have extensively used nearly every Mac operating system since System 7.

Anyway, the problem I have is with the apps that come bundled which can’t be uninstalled. Apps which I will never use. Specifically Chess, News and Stocks. I’m sure others feel the same about some of the other bundled apps.

Chess is a game which I don’t play and never will, it is of no interest to me whatsoever. I don’t keep up with news because it is mostly depressing. If I want to know what the weather is like I will look out of the window and as for Stocks, I have no use for that app as I have no investments and I probably never will.

Now, I know that these apps are doing me no harm but they do take up space (albeit a small amount) which could be used for something else. They also take time to copy during backups and they take up visible space in the applications folder. Put simply, I don’t want to have to deal with them in any way.

I have seen it written that some of these apps are integral to the functioning of the OS itself. I presume the writer means notifications and so on. This should be easy to solve.

My reason for writing this post is to make a suggestion to you. If you have a problem with something then do something to change it. In this case submit feedback to Apple. You can do so by visiting and filling in the form. It costs nothing but a small amount of time and might make a difference.

I see so many people on posting on web forums, Reddit and so on complaining about things but never following the correct procedure to report such issues. Please don’t do that. Fill in the form and help to make good things happen.

Thank you for reading this and I hope that it helps in some way.

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