Stop Asking Everything!

A general rant for you. Something which I feel really strongly about.

The internet seems to have created a problem; a race of people who cannot think for themselves or make decisions without the help of other people. Now, in general I don’t have a problem with people asking others for advice but when someone has to ask a bunch of complete strangers on Twitter (other social networks are available) whether or not they should get a piercing then I take exception.

Something so personal as a body piercing should never be decided upon by a bunch of strangers on the internet. It is your body and therefore you and you alone should make that decision. If you have to ask complete strangers then you are neither mature enough nor certain enough of your convictions to have such a thing.

Then we have the people who see headlines or a photo on social media, don’t bother their arses to read the actual text, jump to conclusions and start asking questions which are already answered in the text or going apeshit because they didn’t read the one fact that would have quelled their rage (again, usually in the text).

In short, stop asking everyone else to think for you or to make decisions for you. Do it your damn self. If you cannot take the responsibility for your decisions then don’t do whatever the decision is about.

Author: geekbrigade
Loves technology and spends (too much) free time watching videos on YouTube. Mostly uses Mac since Windows 10 became a thing but was always a mac fan since high school. Prefers Linux as a PC operating system.

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