Month: July 2020

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I Know What I’m Doing Mode (Windows and Mac)

I have been both a Windows and Mac user for a long time. Actually, I’ve been a Windows, Mac and… read more I Know What I’m Doing Mode (Windows and Mac)

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The Geekbrigade Social

Share Your Geeky Adventures We now have a social networking site for geeks like us. It’s free to use and… read more The Geekbrigade Social

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Windows 10? No Thanks!

Ever since its release I have tried so hard to like Windows 10, it has not worked. There are several… read more Windows 10? No Thanks!

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No Facecam No Subscription?

Recently, I saw a question posed on Twitter. It was asked by a gamer. She asked her followers if they… read more No Facecam No Subscription?

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Scam Information

I’ve started creating pages about scams, the top level of which you can find here. You can also find a… read more Scam Information

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YouTube Channel Reviews

I am in the mood for reviewing YouTube channels. I am specifically interested in tech channels and some gaming. If… read more YouTube Channel Reviews

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If you find anything on the site useful or enjoyable or if you just feel like being generous please consider… read more Donating?

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Mac OS X Catalina Bloatware

I would like to start out by saying that this may apply to other versions of OS X, I’m not… read more Mac OS X Catalina Bloatware

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Stop Asking Everything!

A general rant for you. Something which I feel really strongly about. The internet seems to have created a problem;… read more Stop Asking Everything!

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Hello and welcome to The Geekbrigade! Please bear with us while we get set up. Once we are ready, this… read more Welcome