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If someone is facing problem regarding the game start, please download C++ pack from this link, thanks. 


Pharaohs team

Infos About Pharaohs

Comment our elitepvpers thread with anything and add ur discord username in comment also in order to win 100 silks, the duration of this event is limitless.



Hello everyone! Are u sick of corrupted servers where GM gives free items to his friends? Yeah, we are too! That's the reason we decided to open our own server finaly with a good database. We wanna provide fair gameplay for all people, no matter if they're familiar to us or not. Be aware if u break our rules 'cause we treat all people equaly (donators and non donators). We're building a big and healthy community so everyone can enjoy our server so check it out! 23.11.2020 is official Beta Phase (all items max during beta and unlimited silks), grand opening is scheduled for 30.11.2020! We wish u all the best at our server! Be a part of community where democracy rules and people will know every single change we make in our server (no hidden updates) and also believe it or not, u will be able to influence updates by fairly voting for them!

Server capacity is 4.000 players.
HWID limit 4, IP limit 8.
Jupiter uniques with nice drops will spawn in special teleport in Hotan city and u will be able to enter there only with job mode. (uniques will drop immortal stones, random silk scrolls, gold and silver coins)
Wizard bug disabled.
Global chat delay 60 seconds.
Custom titles added 1k silks each (at other people suggestion, we didn't plan to add them at all to keep it oldschool).
"Streamer", "Nitro Booster" and "Supporter" titles are added for lovely people who will support our project.
Warlock debuffs cooldown increased to 4 seconds.
CH mastery 300>390.
CH pacheon can use only 6 arrow combo knock back skill.
CH fire shield resistance increased 78>100.
Silks per hour/automatic events!
H&S, S&D, lucky critical and more events will be hosted weekly by our server staff for more fun!
Monthly PVP and UNIQUE master will have exclusive rewards such as gaming equipment and real currency!
Fortress war winners will get rewards in silks!
HWT will have 1x drop rate but Osiris will drop lucky powder 1st degree (which will also be available at grocer shop for 1b gold)!
We've added 150% speed drug!
Honor buffs will be obtained by being active in job by trading/stealing goods.

GMs at our server:

We have supporters for most of nations that play silkroad so we can provide u with a 24/7 player support system.



Level Cap 110 Mastery Cap 390/220
Race Chinese / Europe.
Race Balanced Enabled.
Guild/Union Emblem working.
CTF Enabled.Battle Arena Enabled.
Fortress War Reward Silk.
Forgotten World Enabled.
Academy Job System.
Advanced Elixirs Disabled.
Devil S Enabled.
Magic Pop Enabled.
Fellow Pets Enabled.
New Pets Enabled.
New Uniques Enabled.
Egy A Gear Enabled.
Egy B Gear Disabled.
Solo Exp/Sp rate 300x
Party Exp/Sp rate 350x
Drop rate 150x
Gold Rate 150x
SOX Drop rate 150x
Alchemy Rate 1x.
Max Plus 11 NO ADV.
Glow Effect added for +11 only.
Silk per Hour Enabled 1silk/1hour
Murder Disabled.

Start Items (after beta)

You will receive the following items as Starter Items:

  • 11x Instant Return Scrolls
  • 11x Revers Return Scrolls
  • 5x Resurrection Scroll
  • 5x Damage absorption Scroll
  • 1x Devil Spirit B
  • 5x Damage increase Scroll
  • 1000x HP/MP Herbs
  • 100x Vigor Recovery
  • 100x special universal Pill
  • 3 Day Grab Pet
  • Basic Item Set +5 FB
  • 10x Speed Scrolls

      • You can buy SOS +3 Items until DG9 ( for 1000 Gold ) in the NPCs. As the lvling is fast we didn't want to make auto equipment as it would be literally almost useless and a lot of work, when you can just buy everything from NPC. It's one of the best ways to help Beginner to bring them up to high LvL.

      • The system is very simple. The Alchemy Rate is 1x like iSro.

                     Max PLUS
      • +11
      • EGY ARMOR

      • Egyptian Equipment can be obtained through Gold and Silver coins. You get gold coins from Job Temple and silver coins from HWT

    The other different experience of our  server is Forgotten World. It is a map that you can access it through Dimension Holes which can be obtained by cutting Envy monsters in Dimension Pillars.

    You can enter the Forgotten World from the door opened by you in Dimension Holes. In Forgotten World, you can obtain collection items named talismans by killing Sereness or opening treasure chests. As soon as you collect all the talismans, you can exchange them with 11DG Weapons.
    You can get the egy shield "A" by killing Ghost Sereness "Boss


    Reset skills, reset Stats, Job and Guild penalty removers.
    Skill and Stat Reset Scrolls, Forgotten World cooldown remover, Holy Water Temple cooldown remover, Talisman remover scroll (u don't have to create new char in order to re-activate 8/8 talismans, u can simply use this scroll)
  • We added 100, 250, 500, 1.000 and 2.500 silk scrolls in Item Mall.

You will obtain 1 silk per hour after 101lvl.
You can vote every 24 hours at our website to obtain free silks.
You can obtain random silk boxes by killing uniques.



Will give u couple of things,enjoyinnocent

We understand how important and intense the FW for all sro players, so we decided to make it more intense and entertaining for y'll. You will receive big amount of silk for the winner guild.

<- Disabled on FTW

So-Ok Items
We know how frustrate you can get if you account got hacked or someone stole on of your items, so we thought of adding an extra security layer with is the lock system, many of you guys know it already. And for the players who don't know what is the lock system, here's a explanation of how it work.
To lock your account items you need to type in all chat !lock 123456 (the numbers are your password, and remember it must be atleast 6 numbers and space is not allowed.


To unlock your items, just type in all chat !unlock 123456 and again the numbers are your password that you set earlier.
In order to get reward from trades all u have to do is relog the character.
Trader 5* - 5 arena coins and gold
Hunter 5* - 5 arena coins and gold
Thief 5* - 5 arena coins and gold
Trading 1-4* doesn't get u any reward, not even gold.


We have a special room for Jupiter uniques, you can teleport from hotan and you must be wearing your job suit to be able to teleport. There's a strong uniques appearing every 6 hours, there will be a special notice telling you when the uniques will appear. Each unique drops immortrals, random silk scrolls, arena coins and gold & silver coins.

  • [Automatic Notice] when Uniques will be spawed
  • Each unique drops[Gold coins, Silver Coins & Arena Coins]




  • Medusa Slayer
    -Drop Items: Global chatting - Immortal Stone - Magic pop - 50 silks

  • ROC: Roc will appear once per month in our special Unique Master event. Drop: Immortal stones, Arena coins and 100 Silk scroll + 100 silks. Roc killer will get title "Unique Master" and exclusive reward as it's mentioned at the start of the post.



    Selkis & Neith 12 AM & 12 PM
    Anubis & Isis 3 AM & 3 PM
    Haroeris & Seth 9 AM & 9 PM






Tiger Girl 1-2 Immortal Stone, 1 Magic Pop Card, random silk scrolls + 4 silks

STR & INT give 2 silks each

Cerberus 1-2 Immortal Stone , 1 Magic Pop Card, random silk scrolls + 5 silks

STR & INT give 3 silks each

Captain Ivy 1-2 Immortal Stone, 1 Magic Pop Card, random silk scrolls + 6 silks

STR & INT give 4 silks each

Uruchi 1-2 Immortal Stone, 1 Magic Pop Card, random silk scrolls + 8 silks

STR & INT give 5 silks each

Isyutaru 1-2 Immortal Stone, 1 Magic Pop Card, random silk scrolls + 11 silks

STR & INT give 6 silks each

Lord Yarkan 1-2 Immortal Stone, 2 Magic Pop Card, random silk scrolls + 14 silks

STR & INT give 7 silks each

Demon Shaitan 1-2 Immortal Stone, 2 Magic Pop Card, random silk scrolls + 17 silks

STR & INT give 8 silks each


It's not 100% chance to drop immos from every unique, but it's more common to get them, than not to get them.


New Avatars & Pets
Besides avatars in Item Mall, we've added a NPC at Hotan teleport where u can buy custom avatars!



P.S. We accept any kind of ideas how to improve our server, so feel free to contact any of us at our discord server. Sincerely, Pharaohs Online team <3